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Vampires and Tinkerbell

What do vampires and Tinkerbell have in common? Besides both being fictional, they are both helping people learn about energy savings.  “Vampire power” is a way of referring to appliances that suck energy when they are plugged in, but not operational.  For instance, look around your kitchen; do you have a toaster, or a coffee […]


A House for Everyone

As reported by Bloomberg last week, a record 19 million homes stood vacant at the end of 2008, and home ownership fell to an eight-year low as banks seized houses faster than they could sell them. You don’t need me to tell you this, but 19 million is a LOT of houses, and this acceleration […]


Kill-a-Watt! … and save some money, too

If you want to save yourself some money by saving energy, one way to do this is to figure out how much electricity you already use. It’s one thing to unplug small appliances when not in use, but what about your larger appliances?  Do you know how much electricity they use?  Well, you can figure […]