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Let’s Talk About Toilets.

I know, I know – toilets aren’t very exciting, are they?  There IS, however, a lot that goes on with toilets that you may not realize… For one thing, if you live in a place that is experiencing or is prone to experiencing droughts, then you might want to think about how much water your […]


The hard part is over…

…and now the fun can begin!  I’m referring to the final throes of my thesis, which is the main reason that I created this site in the first place.   I gave my final presentation on March 11, and the document itself is just about done as well.  So now I can get back to blogging… […]


A Green Designer’s Happy Place

I recently discovered a new retail establishment that I think we can all get excited about.  It’s called Green Depot, and I bet you can imagine what it sells by its name association with the Big Orange, aka, the Home Depot.  Where the Home Depot sells building supplies of all kinds*, the Green Depot supplies […]