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All I wanted was a pair of headphones

Posted on | June 19, 2009 | No Comments

If Apple’s generic headphones were made any better than a Chevy Cobalt, I wouldn’t have this problem. But I have to get new headphones on a regular basis and it’s frustrating. Especially when you consider the packaging:

So many of our electronics products come in this ridiculous “theft-proof” hard plastic packaging;  and then you try to open it, and you realize it’s adult-proof too, since 30 minutes later you haven’t gotten your product out but your hands are as raw as sushi.  And do the headphones really need to be encased in 3 layers of plastic?  No. I guess the tradeoff with Apple headphones is, they are easy to unpack.  They just don’t last.  🙁

We’re not going to become a more sustainable society until we stop using packaging that both destroys our environment AND our poor hands.  Some companies have figured out how to do this already, so I’d encourage everyone to try to patronize them when you have the chance … for the sake of our general well-being!



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