building a sustainable and resilient community


It’s been a while since my last post, during which time I’ve been mulling over the movie The Age of Stupid, which I saw at its worldwide premiere, and watching what the world leaders at the G20 Summit had to say about climate change.  But that’s not what this post is about, so more on […]


Do-It-Yourself projects are good for the environment

Lately I’ve been on a big Discovery Channel kick (it’s hard NOT to watch when Bear Grylls is on the TV), and I wanted to briefly mention one of their partner companies, called Planet Green.  Hopefully many of you have the Planet Green channel on your cable because it is full of great environmentally friendly-programming, […]


The AIA Awards and Carbon Neutrality

The American Institute of Architects, or the AIA, is the national association for professional architects in the United States.  Each year, local chapters of the AIA give out awards to projects or firms in their jurisdiction for exemplary design.  Well, MOST of the chapters give out awards for exemplary design.  Yet another reason why I […]


How much land do we need to power the world with the sun?

This is a question that I think about a lot, but fortunately someone else has already done the calculations for me!  Behold this graphic from the Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI), which projects how much of the Earth’s surface we would need to power the ENTIRE world… on solar power alone! The LAGI did this […]


Still need to be convinced about climate change?

WELL:  if you are not into “facts”, “studies” and / or “science”; AND you think that global warming (or global “weirding” as I sometimes like to call it) is all a bunch of baloney; AND, you still can’t be convinced by nifty maps such as this Climate Wizard map produced by the Nature Conservancy… …may […]