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Don’t get mad, get wordy

This Thanksgiving holiday, I can’t stress enough how lucky we all are for our health.  When I think of the hot mess that is our healthcare system, I am amazed and grateful that I have remained mostly healthy and have not had to go through what some people do to get treated.  When I think […]


“When Al Gore sees his shadow, it means the Earth is dying”

I had the absolute privilege of seeing Al Gore here in Portland last Thursday, at an event where he was standing up in support of our gubernatorial candidate Bill Bradbury (who himself seems like a committed supporter of environmental issues).  I’m happy to say that after departing Portland, Al Gore traveled to New York, where […]


Green Building Policy in a Changing Economic Environment

The title of this post is taken from a report recently released by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), which I found through my daily Department of Energy update.   The report can be found on this AIA’s Local Leaders in Sustainability Web page, which also has some great links to case studies done over the […]


Rogue Wave

First of all, no, this post is not about the outstanding indie rock band called Rogue Wave.  (Although they are quite good and I do encourage a listen.) This post was actually inspired by a somber anniversary that I missed last week, and I’ll use it to make an analogy to get where I’m going.  […]


iGreen at GreenBuild: How the Web Empowers Designers to Build Sustainably

I’m pleased to announce – albeit after the fact – that I participated on a “virtual” panel discussion at the GreenBuild conference today.  Which is to say, while GreenBuild is happening in Phoenix, Arizona, I sat on the panel, via my Web cam, in Portland, Oregon, and chatted with some illustrious Internet friends who were […]


Quietly practicing my “religion”

I (obviously) haven’t had a lot to say lately about green design, mainly because I’ve been working hard at my new job, trying to get acquainted with projects and staying on top of current news in the energy efficiency and green building markets.  There have been a couple of interesting things going on, but none […]