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iGreen at GreenBuild: How the Web Empowers Designers to Build Sustainably

Posted on | November 11, 2009 | 2 Comments

I’m pleased to announce – albeit after the fact – that I participated on a “virtual” panel discussion at the GreenBuild conference today.  Which is to say, while GreenBuild is happening in Phoenix, Arizona, I sat on the panel, via my Web cam, in Portland, Oregon, and chatted with some illustrious Internet friends who were sitting in different timezones around the globe!  Here’s a screen shot from one point in the panel:

From left to right, moi, Quilian from Archinect, and Jill from Inhabitat. Not shown are Barry, our instigator, Joel, our moderator who was actually in Phoenix, and Cameron, the founder of Architecture for Humanity, who was having some technical difficulties.

The panel, despite an audio delay and some serious bandwidth issues in all four corners, was more or less a success, if for no other reason than we conducted a nearly carbon-free conference session!  Think of all the carbon that was saved by all of us not flying to Phoenix.  This was a big incentive to doing this presentation, and if it was going to happen, GreenBuild was the place.

I do want to mention, however… when I get in situations like today’s panel, I have no idea what I’m saying. I was trying so hard to hear the questions, and to concentrate over the sound of the audio echoing, that my mental “filter”, which is usually fairly porous to begin with, was almost nonexistent.  Therefore I just want to say, once again, THANK YOU to everyone in the audience who sat through it!  I hope you got something out of it.  And I hope you can agree with me and my internet friends* when we say that the Web will certainly play a part in the way that designers operate going forward… even if it will take some time to work out the kinks.

*Speaking of my internet friends, Cameron was the only one that I’ve ever met in person, and it was a pleasure to see everyone else’s animated faces today!  Make sure you check them out on their respective sites:

Jill Fehrenbacher on Twitter @inhabitat and online at…

Cameron Sinclair on Twitter @casinclair and online at…

Quilian Riano on Twitter @quilian and online at…

Thanks again, and see you all on my Google Reader  🙂



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