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America’s Greenest Building Code

Last week, the California Building Standards Commission unanimously adopted the first-in-the-nation mandatory Green Building Standards Code, also known as “CALGREEN”.  The new standards take effect starting January 1, 2011 and will require all new buildings in the state to be more energy efficient and environmentally responsible.  The new CALGREEN code will require: a 20 percent […]


Apparently I’m not the only one who left California for Oregon

Speaking of El Niño, scientists think that might be a factor in why San Francisco’s famous sea lions have abandoned Pier 39 and maybe, just maybe, headed up to the Oregon coast for a “vacation”.  On October 23, 2009, over 1,700 sea lions were counted at their regular hang out (just down the dock from […]


Why cold weather does not equal global “cooling”

This graph is from the NY Times Dot Earth blog written by Andrew C. Revkin.  Mr. Revkin mentioned a few days ago that while, yes, it is pretty darn cold out there, this current activity is not a result of the Earth’s warming, nor is it an indication that the Earth is cooling.  It’s more […]


Climate Killers

Happy New Year, and Happy New Decade everyone!  Here’s to hoping we can make big strides this year in our efforts to save energy, reduce waste, and generally try to keep the Earth as hospitable to human life as possible. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, there are some pretty vocal people who are still working […]