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HOME STAR: This is kind of a big deal

There are several energy and climate bills floating around in the Congress right now, including the Kerry/Boxer (or Kerry/Graham/Lieberman) Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act (which has been in the works since – but not because – I thanked them here) ; the Bingaman/Murkowski American Clean Energy Leadership Act, or ACELA; the Cantwell/Collins CLEAR […]


Want to get a home energy rating?

…Well if so, let me know, because I’m at a conference with several hundred home energy raters this week! First of all, you may want to know what a “home energy rating” consists of.  The funny thing is, there’s actually LOTS of home energy ratings.  There’s the HERS, which is given by ResNet, which is […]


Living in Los Angeles Without a Car

It seems like a very far away experience for me, now that I’ve been living in Portland for nearly 9 months (aka the sky has been Pantone Warm Grey since October), but before my current situation I was living in Los Angeles for grad school.  And, as you might have picked up from the title […]


Unplug, or the Polar Bear Gets it

AKA, the Greenlite at Dartmouth University energy saving program.  First, go to Greenlite’s home page here. What do you see?  Do you see a happy polar bear, playing with a butterfly? Perhaps he’s taking a nap next to his “friends”, the baby seal and the baby polar bear… Or, maybe you see a polar bear […]


Q: What’s wee, made of straw bale, and awesome?

A:  The ModCell Straw-Bale Pre-Fab home! File this under “better late than never”… I just learned about this house and knew I had to talk about it here because it embodies many of the things that I love in one tidy, very livable package.  Observe: It’s a house, which is great, since I love house […]