building a sustainable and resilient community

Green designers do graphics, too

Behold, the new Seattle Department of Transportation Bike Map.  Made by my friend Erin, who is awesome. Erin did her first iteration of this bike map as part of her graduate thesis at the University of Washington.  Go see more of Erin’s awesomeness at her Web site and blog. And then ring your bike bell […]


Green buildings = higher rent

It’s been a while since I posted, a fact that I may have missed because I was busy enjoying my favorite holiday of the year, St. Patrick’s Day.  I wore a green t-shirt that said “The Future is Green”, which I hope everyone appreciated, especially since it glows in the dark!  But I digress.  I […]


Possibly the world’s most excellent water bottle

Behold:  the Water Bobble. Who among us doesn’t now feel a little tinge of guilt when we are confronted with the prospect of drinking from a disposable water bottle?  At the conference I attended a few weeks ago, I went through three in three days, which made me feel awful and basically doubled my total […]


Bundling up your house

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about insulation lately.  Part of that is because of HOME STAR, which provides incentives for homeowners if they choose to upgrade the insulation in their house, among other things.  My explanation of HOME STAR inevitably leads to explaining some of the measures available for incentives, and insulation […]


Living on a giant crusty earthen raft

So, there’s been a lot of earthquakes lately.  Haiti back in January; Chile, last weekend; Japan, back in February; California, constantly for about the past month; and Taiwan yesterday.   I know many scientists will say “these events are not related”, but, as I reminded my friends yesterday, people act like we don’t live on a […]