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Shopping second-hand is easy on the planet and your wallet

How many times have you had a themed party to go to or simply needed a very – shall we say – “specific” wardrobe item, and you decided that going to Goodwill was your best option?  If you’re like me, then you’ve had that internal conversation a lot.  (Although, granted, most people might not like […]


PDX’s Pedal Nation Bike Show

I went to the Pedal Nation Bicycle Show in the Portland Convention Center over the weekend.  I don’t think it requires that many words to tell you how awesome it was; I would rather show you.


LILAWAC rides again!

Back in February, I wrote a post here about my experiences living in Los Angeles without a car, and how I thought those stories were worth sharing, which resulted in my starting a blog by the same name (Living in Los Angeles Without A Car, or LILAWAC for short).  Shortly thereafter, my friend Erin – […]


Taking a Sharpie marker to the map

Do you have a globe in your home?  Well, it’s time to break it out.  Spin it over to Asia, and try to find the Aral Sea.  I’ll give you a hint: it’s on the border of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, east of the Caspian Sea.  What color is it on your globe?  It’s probably blue, […]