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PDX’s Pedal Nation Bike Show

Posted on | April 11, 2010 | No Comments

I went to the Pedal Nation Bicycle Show in the Portland Convention Center over the weekend.  I don’t think it requires that many words to tell you how awesome it was; I would rather show you.

I did NOT win this bike

These guys were racing on stationary bikes... look at how fast their legs were going, they're a blur!

This event was friendly to all cycling types, even the BMX-ers who like big air

The hand-crafted bikes are where things got really interesting...

Look at this thing! It's like a vision of comfort and twisted metal on a human-powered set of wheels.

Another view of the front pedal mechanism thingy...

This bike has style!

I love this contraption. It's hardly a bike but I love it anyway.

Bikes, bikes everywhere!



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