building a sustainable and resilient community


I can’t honestly say that I’ve had enough time to process what I got out of Living Future 10, because I’ve spent the last week playing catch up and doing other important things.  So I’m just going to pause to point out that this is my 100th post on the Green Design Collective since I […]


Living Future 10

Greetings from the Cascadia GBC’s Living Future 10 “unConference”. This annual event in Seattle is a chance for many “deep green thought leaders” from around the country to gather and talk about how much energy and resources our buildings require, what this means for our potential as a society, and how we can try to […]


Rendered speechless

I thought about posting something around Earth Day, since it was the 40th anniversary this year, and since I spent that day watching the awesome PBS special Earth Days about the inception of the holiday in 1970. I thought about posting something, and then this happened. And now I pretty much just don’t know what […]