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2011 Reboot

Posted on | January 2, 2011 | No Comments

Hi all…

If there are any of you out there actually reading still, I clearly fell off the face of the earth for the last 4 months of 2010.  It was a hectic and crazy time at the office and I really only had energy for the work that I do with, well, energy.

That said, I would like to reimagine the GDC with an eye on how it can contribute more to the green economy.  But how?  I am frustrated by the down economy and wish there was something I could to do to help connect the under-employed with innovative jobs in the green sector.  There is still so much work to be done!  This lack of an ability to connect the dots was another reason why I struggled with blogging… what if I don’t have anything to say?  What if I feel that I have nothing to contribute when I can’t provide the one thing that many people want, which is employment?

It is a question that I will seek to answer in 2011, and hopefully I will be back soon to tell you about it.  Until then, thanks for stopping by.



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