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(Never too late for some) Lessons Learned from the 2011 DOE Solar Decathlon

(Originally posted December 12, 2011) There is a village, once every two years, where you can not only see, but take a tour of, 20 of the world’s most technologically advanced and energy efficient high-performance homes.  This village is not, as you might imagine, at Epcot Center (although who doesn’t love a spin through Spaceship […]


What is Building Science, Anyway?

(Originally posted on December 1, 2011) What is building science, anyway? I get this a lot. When I tell people that I’m a Technical Manager for Building Science, I’m usually met with confused looks and further inquisitions about what my job entails.  The words “building” and “scientist” are not exactly used together very often in practice, […]


1 month and 3 days

When I first launched this website in 2009, I did so in conjunction with my graduate thesis, which I spent studying ways to encourage people to save energy. I did this because of global warming and because I believed that we could fight it. I set up the entire HTML page, and I put a […]