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1 month and 3 days

Posted on | August 19, 2015 | No Comments

When I first launched this website in 2009, I did so in conjunction with my graduate thesis, which I spent studying ways to encourage people to save energy. I did this because of global warming and because I believed that we could fight it. I set up the entire HTML page, and I put a counter on my blog: “We have X months and X days until we must start REDUCING our global greenhouse gas emissions, lest we will be destined for catastrophic climate change.”

Since I launched this site, I got a job. I rode by bike a few thousand miles, I climbed a mountain in Africa, I got a dog, and I bought a house. Basically, I got distracted by life. But in my job, we saved a lot of energy, so I felt confident that I was doing all that I could. Apparently it was still not enough. The counter on the blog post now says “We have 1 month and 3 days…”

I will be re-posting some (now deleted) blog posts that I wrote over the past several years that document my personal journey to this point, and eventually I will add some new thoughts as we approach that point of no return.



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