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The 29 most important pages of the Waxman-Markey climate bill

Ed Mazria is a bit of a legend in the Architecture and design community.  He’s been in practice forever; he wrote a big, fat book all about energy-saving passive design in the 70’s entitled The Passive Solar Energy Book; and he’s the driving force behind the organization known as Architecture 2030.   Basically, when Ed talks, […]


Every city should have one of these

Today I visited the Portland ReBuilding Center, and hopefully you can get an idea of what it is from the title:  it’s a place where people can donate used building materials so they can be sold again for new building projects.  It’s building recycling, or, “rebuilding”.  And it’s great!  Have a look: I am originally […]


The GDC Unemployment Tour of the West

After learning of another job I did NOT get last week, I’ve decided to take this show on the road. I’ll soon be leaving Los Angeles to go up the coast; I’ll be visiting friends and investigating the state of the economy, particularly with regards to the building industry, while looking for work myself. In […]


Inside an Airstream Trailer

Currently writing to you from inside an Airstream trailer! Lots of fun stuff here today….if the Airstream’s a rockin’ don’t come knockin’…


Live from Dwell on Design

I’ll be visiting the combined Dwell on Design / Mobius LA conference on Friday on behalf of the GDC and  I’ll be live-blogging here all day about what I see, and as I tend to gravitate naturally towards more “sustainable” products or projects, please leave a comment if you think there is something in […]

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