building a sustainable and resilient community

It’s not easy being Green.

Per this recent tongue-in-cheek post on Twilight Earth, I’ve decided to attempt the Top 10 Things That Every Green Blogger Must Do.  I realize it’s a joke but frankly I would feel left out if I didn’t at least try.  So let’s take a look at the list. 1.  Create some type of Green Top […]


First Impressions

Some of the first things I saw here today include some “organic” furniture, a solar powered play house, and felt plant boxes:


Greenwashing! Boo!

Don’t ask me why I had to go all the way to the UK’s Guardian to find out about this, but according to their article: “More than 98% of supposedly natural and environmentally friendly products on US supermarket shelves are making potentially false or misleading claims, Congress has been told. And 22% of products making […]