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Don’t get mad, get wordy

This Thanksgiving holiday, I can’t stress enough how lucky we all are for our health.  When I think of the hot mess that is our healthcare system, I am amazed and grateful that I have remained mostly healthy and have not had to go through what some people do to get treated.  When I think […]


Be lazy! Buy nothing! Do less!

While it’s not exactly a winning strategy if we are going to get our depressed consumer economy at least partly back on track, I have to say I agree in principle with this article by Matt McDermott on Planet Green.  Simply put, the consumer economy is, itself, largely to blame for many of the problems […]


The Environmental Impact of Poor Health Care

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the health care situation in this country as the Obama administration tries to find a solution for the 50 million or so Americans who don’t have health insurance (watch Kathleen Sebelius on The Daily Show here to hear more about it).   As I am unemployed and will […]