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HOME STAR: This is kind of a big deal

There are several energy and climate bills floating around in the Congress right now, including the Kerry/Boxer (or Kerry/Graham/Lieberman) Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act (which has been in the works since – but not because – I thanked them here) ; the Bingaman/Murkowski American Clean Energy Leadership Act, or ACELA; the Cantwell/Collins CLEAR […]


The 29 most important pages of the Waxman-Markey climate bill

Ed Mazria is a bit of a legend in the Architecture and design community.  He’s been in practice forever; he wrote a big, fat book all about energy-saving passive design in the 70’s entitled The Passive Solar Energy Book; and he’s the driving force behind the organization known as Architecture 2030.   Basically, when Ed talks, […]


My 14-year-old car got 40 mpg today.

Not that I’m boasting but, wow….that’s kind of amazing right?  I guess that’s the flatness of California’s central valley combined with my car’s wind-friendlier profile and small engine.  I’ll take it, in any case! That said, I’ve arrived safely at the first stop on my Unemployment Tour, Palo Alto.  Situated conveniently in the southern part […]


The GDC Unemployment Tour of the West

After learning of another job I did NOT get last week, I’ve decided to take this show on the road. I’ll soon be leaving Los Angeles to go up the coast; I’ll be visiting friends and investigating the state of the economy, particularly with regards to the building industry, while looking for work myself. In […]


GDC Portfolio Project

Unfortunately the building industry is going through a period of massive contraction right now.  The economy is bad, creditors aren’t lending, great firms are shutting their doors, and people are losing their jobs in droves.  Some of those people are my friends.  Which is why I am starting a new initiative, called the GreenDesignCollective Porfolio […]