building a sustainable and resilient community

Possibly the world’s most excellent water bottle

Behold:  the Water Bobble. Who among us doesn’t now feel a little tinge of guilt when we are confronted with the prospect of drinking from a disposable water bottle?  At the conference I attended a few weeks ago, I went through three in three days, which made me feel awful and basically doubled my total […]


Do-It-Yourself projects are good for the environment

Lately I’ve been on a big Discovery Channel kick (it’s hard NOT to watch when Bear Grylls is on the TV), and I wanted to briefly mention one of their partner companies, called Planet Green.  Hopefully many of you have the Planet Green channel on your cable because it is full of great environmentally friendly-programming, […]


How do you recycle a car?

Tucked away in Wednesday’s edition of All Things Considered on NPR was a short bit where they discussed listener letters, and they answered one letter that was sent in after a report on the Federal Government’s “Cash for Clunkers” program.  Specifically the listener wanted to know “what happens to the ‘clunker’ after it is turned […]


What is home?

I just got done moving out of an apartment in Downtown Los Angeles that I occupied for two years. I managed to purge about 80% of my furniture and at least 50% of my stuff. A long and exhausting struggle to move my remaining belongings into storage really made me start to think about why […]