building a sustainable and resilient community

Want to get a home energy rating?

…Well if so, let me know, because I’m at a conference with several hundred home energy raters this week! First of all, you may want to know what a “home energy rating” consists of.  The funny thing is, there’s actually LOTS of home energy ratings.  There’s the HERS, which is given by ResNet, which is […]


Do-It-Yourself projects are good for the environment

Lately I’ve been on a big Discovery Channel kick (it’s hard NOT to watch when Bear Grylls is on the TV), and I wanted to briefly mention one of their partner companies, called Planet Green.  Hopefully many of you have the Planet Green channel on your cable because it is full of great environmentally friendly-programming, […]


How do you recycle a car?

Tucked away in Wednesday’s edition of All Things Considered on NPR was a short bit where they discussed listener letters, and they answered one letter that was sent in after a report on the Federal Government’s “Cash for Clunkers” program.  Specifically the listener wanted to know “what happens to the ‘clunker’ after it is turned […]


Portland is awesome!

Look at what I found while perusing the city of Portland’s various pages about sustainability:  it’s a handout that details things that you can do, both at home and at work, to reduce your impact on the environment.  It’s great! And this is why Portland is leading the country on sustainable design issues!  Awesome.


Gray (Grey) Water

I’m now in Portland checking out the job market here. Portland is one of the most “sustainable” cities in the United States, a point proven to me after less than 2 days when I visited a restroom that uses a graywater system. Graywater systems recycle water that is used in washing hands and dishes to […]